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Our Mission

At Code 4 Community, our mission is to help the community around us through computer science. We have worked on several projects in the past, but our current primary project is local school STEM education. Over the past 3 years, Code 4 Community had worked to create learning games and tools to help teach middle school to high school students computer science principles. We have exciting plans to expand our teachable age group and create some really cool modules. OSU Students can sign up for our club with the button above. Teachers can read more about our presentations by clicking on the "For Teachers" tab in the menu bar. We look forward to working with you all!

Club Membership FAQs

  • Do I need to know how to code?

    The short answer is no. Though it helps to know a programming language or two (because it helps you learn new programming languages faster), you do not need to know how to code. We will go through programming tutorials at the begginning of the fall semester. Additionally, you will learn via self study and by working on projects!

    Everyone, regardless of prior experience, will learn something new through Code 4 Community, so come join us to learn something new and help others!

  • How much of a time commitment is Code 4 Community?

    We have one 90 minute meeting per week. Additionally, if you participate in Outreach, we have occasional events that last for an hour or two.

    It is best to only miss a few meetings at most because, in general, every one is assigned a task to complete. If one were to miss many meetings, then the club would have to reassign the tasks effectively slowing development down.

    In the end, we know schools comes first. All we can say is the less you come, the less we can ensure you will be able to contribute.

  • What do you do in meetings?

    Well, it depends if you are involved in Outreach or MindUp.

    In Outreach, we spend our time coding 'modules' (which are the coding demos that we demonstrate to students) and developing presentations to give to schools in the area.

    In MindUp, we spend time learning new technologies to develop MindUp, reviewing other club members' code, and, of course, coding!

  • I have more questions! Where do I ask them?

    You can email us at with any questions.

Past Projects

  • World's Hardest Game
    Students must modify the code to beat Level 3. They can also change the images used for the player, the obstacles, the goal, and the background.
  • Brutus Ball
    Students write code to compete against a computer player or each other! The last Brutus Buckeye standing wins.

Current Projects

  • Cats and Mice
    In this module, you're a mouse. Your goal is to get the cheese while avoiding the cats.
  • Buckeye Receiver
    In Buckeye Receiver, the goal is to code an algorithm to that catches the most buckeyes falling from the trees as possible!
  • Multiplayer API
    The multiplayer API will allow students to play our games in multiplayer mode over the internet.


Max Gruber


Adam Lis

Vice President

Andrew Haberlandt


Max Herz

Outreach Coordinator